NICK CURRAN's "Reform School Girl" finally out on vinyl!

Finally it is available on wax!
NICK CURRAN's "Reform School Girl"

be sure to get a copy before it's sold-out!


check out this awesome LP:
ANDRE WILLIAMS & the Goldstars:


new releases upcoming! look out!

* Hayseed Dixie: Kiss my Grass LP (LS-030)

* Boss Martians 7" (LS-031)


check out these videos of bands we released:

Ugly Duckling: "Elevation"

Sons of Cyrus: "what to do"

Flaming Sideburns: "since the beginning" 

Gospel Swingers: "Storyville, 1844"

The BellRays: "on top"

The Sewergrooves: "look again"

Hayseed Dixie: "Highway to Hell"

Zeke: "kill the king"

Branded Women: "something to hold on"

Tokyo Sex Destruction: VW spot

Shawn Lee: "Mary Jane"